Help my kids to keep up with studies while staying home. Provides my kid helpful reference and exercises. Help my kid to be more independent. I fint it a good resource to guide my kids in their homework. I find it easy to review my kid's progress. I have some free time when my kid study with VSchool.

Kuan Ping Yin

Parent, Pulau Pinang

The content of VSchool helps children cope with school assignments. My child can follow up his studies. Provide useful reference materials and exercises for my child. Let my child learn more independently. I use it as a resource to help my children with their homework. VSchool's parenting handbook is one of my favourites. It's simple for me to keep track of my children's progress.

Tee Boon Mui

Parent, Johor

VSchool is the best E-learning tool I really like the smart auto-marking system; it saves me time when it comes to grading my children's exercises, and the children receive an immediate response after the submission is completed, ensuring that they receive the proper answer / information. My children are growing more self-sufficient; they can do tasks on their own, and they receive prompt correct answers by the auto-marking system, ensuring that they absorb the correct knowledge.

Wilfred Michael Jalleh

Parent, Selangor

提供我的孩子有帮助的参考资料和练习。让我的孩子学习更加独立。VSchool的内容帮助孩子应付学校功课。不能上学期间,让我的孩子能够跟进学业。 它的资料好让我帮助孩子的功课。我很容易的跟进孩子的进度。我可以省下买参考书本与练习簿的钱。

Chia Sew Bee

Parent, Kedah

VSchool has an exam mode which is "My Exam" and it helps to build my child self-esteem during his exam. I am totally appreciate VSchool Trend which provides all the essential parts for my child. It really ease my burden as a parent.

Chung Chin Lee

Parent, Sarawak

VSchool Trend make my child Nur Esdyra become hardworking and has improved with her academic and completed her homework given by all the teachers. Her passion on studying has return to her and she never skip any PdPr. VSchool helps me in term of checking her work through My Progress. It is really convenient and I love it. She will go and finish her work by her own with the help of VSchool.

Esmadi Bin Idrus

Parent, Sarawak


Heng Yee Yee

Parent, Pahang

由于VSchool的学习很系统化,让我的孩子学习更加轻松和独立。VSchool的内容帮助孩子应付学校功课,提升我的孩子的学习能力,更加能够跟进学业。 VSchool的资源让我更加容易的帮助孩子的功课。我很喜欢VSchool里面李政学的亲子指导。我很容易的跟进孩子的进度。当孩子通过VSchool学习时,我有更多的自由时间。

Ng Hoe Kiat

Parent, Johor

Son not left back in learning during PKP. VSchool provide on going and efficient studies material. Everything is ready and on the go. Lesser time to get manual book ready for his study. Less stress trying to explain to him on any matter, teaching video very clear. Spending less money on purchasing manual textbooks.

Mohamad Adam Bin Othman

Parent, Selangor

VSchool program has helped me a lots and my son has show his improvement in English and Science subjects. VSchool has reduced my burden as a mom because it provides all the notes and exercises for my son. He shows his interest in studying after using VSchool.

Emylina Anak Pudon

Parent, Sarawak

As my son is not able to go to school and receive his education in class, VSchool compliments his ability yo learn without the aid of his teacher. It is so convenient too as he receives his education in the comfort of his home. VSchool benefits me as I am confident that my son receives good education when I am not able to teach him personally or help him in his study. As I am working, I barely have extra time to assist my son in his homework and school works. This is where VSchool comes in to assist me.

Nelson Ruki / Margret Brayon

Parent, Sarawak

The content of VSchool help my child cope with school homework. It provide helpful reference materials and exercises for my child. Because of its features, I am able to guide my children with their homework. I'm able to simply track my child's progress. I have more time freedom when children learn through VSchool.

Chua Pai Ling

Parent, W.P Kuala Lumpur

孩子在找参考资料或复习上变得更加容易,节省很多时间。善于利用时间通过VSchool系统来复习,让孩子有更多的空余时间。 它让我节省很多时间和金钱不用去书局买参考书和作业本。用了VSchool系统,我不再担心教育部课程纲要更新,不怕买错书,更不用每一年大扫除时要清理一大堆书本,节省金钱之余更环保。

Teoh Boey Ean

Parent, Selangor

有了VSchool我很放心,它的笔记和视频易学易记,有许多KBAT高思维题,记录了重点学习而且生动有趣,我的孩子很喜欢VSchool的练习题,系统智能自动批改,批改后孩子马上能够分辨她做的习题是否正确,吸收了正确的知识,在应付考试的时候更加应付自如了。 孩子在功课上遇到问题她会尝试自行VSchool习题寻找解决方案,特别是数学,她自从使用了VSchool,她的数学有了明显的进步,现在在上数学课时她很踊跃的举手回答问题了,她也变得更有信心了。

Jojo Lim

Parent, Kedah

I love the encouragement words in this system. While my daughter did wrongly, she gains more confident to try for the second chance. VSchool is really convenient to use and really easy to access. My daughter really like the notes as it makes her work so much more easier.

Lee Lei Na

Parent, Sarawak

VSchool Trend Learning Program can give my child an independent learning in anytime and anywhere that she likes. As a parent, we can keep updated with child's school syllabus in preparing her for better standard especially during this Covid pandemic.

Evelyn Yong

Parent, Terengganu

让我的孩子学习更加独立,我孩子喜欢做练习时,有自能批改的鼓励话语。我的孩子爱上了VSchool! My kids are able to learn more while I am busy doing my work. 我可以省下买参考书本与练习簿的钱。

Lim Hooi Lee

Parent, Selangor

To assist my child learn more independently, provide him with useful reference books and exercises. Thanks to VSchool program, I am able to assist my children with their homework. I'm able to simply track my child's improvement. I have more free when children learn through VSchool.

Ang Sheue Mei

Parent, Perak

There is My Progress for me to monitor my girl and it is very convenient. I can save a lot of money and no need to spend too much time on sending my daughter to tuition and avoid traffic jam.

Roselind Lasong

Parent, Sarawak

VSchool Trend learning program helped my child in her academics by a lot. Her grades have improved for all of her exam. We can easily assign each revision for our child daily or weekly. We can also login anytime to check our child learning progress and help them on which subject or topic that they are weak or need extra revision together with them. It is very useful now especially during this pandemic time we can just let them study from home without send them to tuition centre.

Irene Chang Ai Ling

Parent, Sarawak, 二年级(S2)

Give a lot of exercises to make my child practice perfectly on the exercises they are weak in. Will able to know their performances in my subjects through My Progress.

Annie Bragai

Parent, Sarawak

VSchool really helps her alot in her Pdpr study. She will use VSchool as her reference when she do not understand what has been taught during Google Meet. VSchool saved me a lot of time sending her out to tuition. Now I just need to focus on her study at home and to complete her homework too.

Aster Anak Gurang

Parent, Sarawak

Dengan VSchool, dia lebih mudah memahami nota yang disediakan dan dia dapat jawab soalan yang diberi oleh VSchool mahupun kerja sekolah dia. Saya suka dengan online dictionary / kamus digital yang telah disediakan oleh VSchool. Selain itu, saya dapat memantau peningkatan prestasi anak saya ketika membuat latihan di VSchool dan kerja sekolah dia melalui My Progress.

Bedali Anak Mat

Parent, Sarawak

VSchool Trend Learning Program help me child to more focus and know what she need to learn. I can know what my child have learn at the day and check her homework with VSchool Trend Learning Program.

Loo Kim Lan

Parent, Negeri Sembilan

There are improvement in her academic. The overall result of her exams are better than before mainly for the science subjects. This learning program benefited me as a parent by helping my daughter get better grades which will hopefully further improve in the future.

Molly Anak Ajun

Parent, Sarawak


Chong Jun Shyan

Parent, Pulau Pinang, Pre-School

VSchool enable my children in keeping up with their studies. It feeds my child valuable information and exercises. Facilitate my chld for becoming more self-sufficient. The contents of VSchool are beneficial to my child's schoolwork. It's an excellent resource for me to use to help my kids with their schoolwork. VSchool's parenting guideline is one of my fovourite.

Tai Kui Yong

Parent, Selangor

VSchool Trend has helped my child to learn more and get more information beside from school. VSchool Trend had saved a lot of time and helped my child in various subjects. It is like a virtual teacher teaching inside.

Pengiran Boaya

Parent, Sarawak

VSchool Trend program has really helped my child to understand even better while she cannot even focus during her online class. Teacher speaking in front of the camera, but my daughter cannot understand. Luckily VSchool Trend saved her and helped her alot! VSchool Trend help me to save a lot of money of spending her to the tuition which I do not know her progress after tuition. From this program, I can know her progress well by click into "My Progress". It is easier for me to monitor her academic.

Sima Anak Sangelin

Parent, Sarawak

I love VSchool so much! It allows my child to memorize the answers by repeating the same question several times. VSchool is really convenient! It also provides online dictionary and notes provided is really amazing! It is totally cheap and really affordable! It only cost RM4 per subject in one month only! VSchool can prevent my child from looking into useless things and focus on his study while doing his revision.

Christopher Chung Kwei Hin & Lolita Kanja

Parent, Sarawak

With this program, now I can study anywhere and at anytime. I like to do the exercises because I can get the answer immediately. VSchool Trend helps me to get A's in my exam. Thank you VSchool Trend! I love VSchool Trend! I enjoy learning with VSchool Trend!

Alisya Zulaikha Zahari

Student, Negeri Sembilan, Tahun 3


Ping Yu Khai

Student, Kuala Lumpur, 三年级(S3)

During this pandemic, I have Used VSchool as the aid for my study. I love the questions with answers provided in VSchool and also the notes in every subjects and every topics which has been simplified clearly. When I am dealing with the homework that given by teachers from school, VSchool is the platform that I always refer to.

Janice Hii

Student, Sarawak, Form 3

This program is extremely incredible. VSchool Trend Learning Program is presented using the latest syllabus and the notes are easy to understand. The exercises will make us study non stop. There are various exercises to help me improve my understanding in a subject. Every time I will get the motivation voice when I answered the correct answer; will get the encourage voice when I answered the wrong answer.

Wan Nor Emilia Binti Wan Mohd Razainul Amin

Student, Terengganu, Form 4

I enjoy the notes because they are easier to revise. I enjoy using the picture dictionary because it allows me to enhance my vocabulary. Exercises in a variety of formats appealing to me since they are not repetitive.

Chan Hoi Thong

Student, Johor, 六年级(S6)

I love the "My Exam" because it leads me to the higher thinking skills and able to cop with various type of questions before the real exam. I have improved a lot especially in answering that exam questions.

Chung Rui Heng

Student, Sarawak, Form 4

My favourite VSchool feature is the exam and the exercises that provided. There are ready notes that I could remember when I am doing my revision for the exam. I am proud to be the VSchool user in my class.

Esdyra Binti Esmadi

Student, Sarawak, Form 3

我很喜欢Kamus Pro的网上字典,方便查找意思。我喜欢老师教学视频让我容易明白。我喜欢数学的详细解答让我会做每一个步骤。

Eng Wei En

Student, Kedah, 二年级(S2)

VSchool has provided all the simplified notes and various type of exercises for me to do my revision. I have a great improvement in all of my subjects. I have improved in English and Science subjects. VSchool is very good for me because it has provided translation especially Mathematics and Science subject because they are in bilingual. When I do not understand, I can refer to its translation. It is awesome!

Muhd Ikhwan Safwan

Student, Sarawak, Form 2


Ma Rui Xin

Student, Pahang, 一年级(S1)

I like the Kamus Pro dictionary easy to find meaning. I like the picture dictionary because I can learn new vocabulary. I like the flash card to remember new words. I like the teacher teaching video helps me to learn better. I like the Math solution steps help to do Math step nu step. I like the video learning which helps me to understand better.

Muhammad Izz Firas Bin Muhd Shaiful Nizam

Student, Pulau Pinang, Tahun 1

I like to use the notes provided inside VSchool Trend because it is easy for me to find the information and do my revision too. I have improve in my study this part time.

Stephen Daud

Student, Sarawak, Form 3

This program is very useful. I like the VSchool program because there are filled with the notes and exercises. This program is suitable for me and I like this program very much.

Ng Yan Zhang

Student, Johor, Form 4

I appreciate Kamus Pro's online dictionary because it enables me to immediately look up definitions. I'm not bored because there are several exercise formats. I love how the teacher uses an instructional video to help me comprehend, topics and sample essays to choose from.

Tee Chu Ann

Student, W.P Kuala Lumpur, 二年级(S2)

Video is my favourite in VSchool that can help me in better understanding from the notes. I learn alot in doing the exercises. I use to learn Chinses subject often than the others.

Tan Jawen

Student, Terengganu, Pre-School

我最喜欢VSchool里的视频,它既简单又完整的讲解让我看了更容易明白课程纲要。 用了VSchool后我的国语进步了,因为里面的Kamus Dewan字典帮助我正确地掌握各种国语词汇。

Teh Jia Qian

Student, Selangor, 六年级(S6)

我最喜欢VSchool Trend里的notes,它记简单又完整而且容易明白。VSchool Trend的笔记功能让我复习考试范围包括了复习回Form 1的单元变得更方便且有效。 用了VSchool Trend后我的英文进步了。做功课也变得容易因为老师给的功课我大多数都在VSchool系统里做过。

Teh Jia Xin

Student, Selangor, Form 2

I like the notes in it because they are not boring and are really colourful! I adore the VSchool programme, it's always been my greatest buddy! My Math skills have significantly improved, and I particularly enjoy the Math step-by-step solutions and teacher teaching videos, which have much improved my knowledge.

Teo Yi Wen

Student, Kedah, Form 1

VSchool is really perfect! I am ablet to do my revision for all the subjects and topics that I have learnt at school. Besides that, I can still revise back the topics for my Form 2 and Form 1 syllabus. It helped me improve alot. With VSchool, i gain more confident in certain subjects especially my Mathematics and English. I love VSchool!

Venessa Chan Mei Yee

Student, Sarawak, Form 3

This system is very convenient. It is not complicated to operate and I can study the simplest notes which school doesn't provide. There is an improvement in Economic subject. I will work harder to improve all the other subjects and do the best.

Annie Wong

Student, Sarawak, Form 4

I love to learn new words, I like to use picture dictionary. I prefer using video flash cards, it helped me to recall new words. The video stories, phonics, and suku kata are all extremely interesting to me.

Yeow Joo Leng

Student, Perak, Pre-School

I like the preschool story telling, phonics and suku kata video because they are very interesting.

Wong QInyuan

Student, Selangor, Pre-School

My favorite feature about VSchool Trend is the "My Exam" column. It's because I can test myself on what I've learnt.

Angeline Tan Ann Qi

Student, Sarawak, 二年级(S2)

The simplified notes is easier and shorter to read while I'm doing my revision. It makes my study easier. I feel enjoyable to learn a new topic and ease to access the notes that I have missed out during PdPr.

Arickson Ryan

Student, Sarawak, Form 3

The notes and provided exercises with ready made answers is the best feature and it is also the feature that I like the most. It help me to get better understanding.

Ashmie Naryta Benjamin

Student, Sarawak, Form 3

我喜欢视频闪卡让我容易记得生字。有不同的练习格式让我不觉得沉闷。我喜欢数学的详细解答让我会做每一个步骤。我喜欢视频教学让我更加深入明白。我喜欢学前一年级的视频故事,phonics和suku kata的教学因为它们很有趣。

Beh Mao Jun

Student, Pulau Pinang, Pre-School

My favourite VSchool Trend feature is the provided questions and the ready answers. The colourful pictures really catch my eyes during my study. VSchool really help me alot in answering my homework and also my understanding. I can use "My Exam" in VSchool system to evaluate my level of education for every subjects. After I start using VSchool as my best study learning tools, I am very sure that almost every subjects get improved. During the pandemic period, it is a critical problem for me to go to school casually. VSchool is really the BEST ever tool for my study and it is really convenient.

Celine Chai Chi Wee

Student, Sarawak, Form 3

I like VSchool because I can easily access to the online dictionary! It is easy and the meaning that I want to find just pop-up in one second. Better than Google Translate! Google Translate will give a lot of misunderstanding and misleading words.

Carlwis Spencer

Student, Sarawak, Form 3

Saya sangat suka dengan nota ringkas yang telah disediakan dalam VSchool kerana lebih mudah difahami berbanding dengan nota yang diberikan oleh guru saya. Subjek yang saya menunjukkan peningkatan prestasi yang memuaskan ialah Bahasa Melayu dan Geografi. Saya sedang berusaha membuat latihan yang disediakan dalam VSchool. Perkara ini dapat membantu saya untuk menjawab soalan yang diberi oleh sekolah.

Bruce Anak Bedali

Student, Sarawak, Form 2

My favourite feature is 'My Learning' because I can do some revisions or study at there to understand more about what I need to learn. I had improved Mathematics when I using VScholl Trend Learning Program.

Chai Ru Hui

Student, Negeri Sembilan, Form 4

My favourite feature is 'My Learning' because I can do some revisions or study at there to understand more about what I need to learn. I had improved Mathematics when I using VScholl Trend Learning Program.

Chai Ru Hui

Student, Negeri Sembilan, Form 4

My favourite VSchool feature is the colourful notes! The attractive notes make my day. I can focus better by reading those simplified notes.

Dessidemira Anak Lebong

Student, Sarawak, Form 2

My favourite VSchool Trend feature is the notes. The simple but informative notes for subjects such as physics, biology and chemistry helps me to do revision easier. Furthermore, the variation examples and exercises given are very helpful especially for add maths. I improved a lot especially for my add maths and Chemistry. The multiple add maths questions help me remember formula easier.

Darshini Timi A/P V Vasanthan

Student, Sarawak, Form 4

我喜欢视频学习,这有助于我更好地理解。我喜欢学前讲故事,拼读和suku kata视频,因为它们非常有趣。我喜欢Kamus Pro词典,很容易找到意思。我喜欢易于修改的笔记。我喜欢图片词典,因为我可以学习新词汇。我喜欢闪卡来记住新单词。

Brayden Chong Wen Han

Student, Pulau Pinang, Pre-School

I love VSchool Trend because I can study anytime and anywhere. VSchool Trend gives me lots of knowledge and interesting ways to study. Thank you mummy for buying VSchool Trend for me.

Emily Boey Yenn Theng

Student, Penang, 六年级(S6)

I must thank my parents for investing in VSchool Trend. The system is great and has variety of exercises to practise. I am confident that through VSchool Trend I am able to achieve good score in my study.

Sarvin Manosh

Student, Selangor, Form 2

I like VSchool Trend because it make my revision much easier, faster and more interesting. My standard 4 result shown big improvement. I am happy with VSchool Trend and will continue using it. After completed the revision, I still have free time for myself to read my favourite comic.

Soong Zhi Shuen

Student, Selangor, 五年级(S5)

Hi, I am Jessica. I am 11 years old. I study at Kong Min Cawangan Kedua. I want to thank VSchool Trend because it helped me get good results in my recent exam. I was in top 3 in my class thanks to VSchool Trend. My favourite subject is mathematics. Thank you VSchool Trend!

Jessica Choong Xin Hui

Student, Penang, 五年级(S5)

I love VSchool so much because when I do every questions, it gives me encouragement! I will keep doing and never give up although I did it wrongly. Besides that, my Mathematics has shown a great improvement just within 1 month.

Jayden Chan Le Yang

Student, Sarawak, 三年级(S3)

我喜欢 VSchool 因为我不喜欢刻板学习。无论我在那里,任何时候, 有手机或电脑,有网线,我就能用 VSchool轻松复习课业。有了即时改题, 不但帮我改善我的粗心问题,我也不需要再等妈妈为我批改习题。

Bung Yu Xuen

Student, Johor, 四年级(S4)

The feature that l like the most is the questions. It has provided a ready questions for all the subtopics and I can also learn the way to answer all the questions with different ways. I love it so much! I really learn the complete steps and all the formulas of Mathematics in the simplest way which I don't can't understand during Pdpr.

Jeslyn Liaw Geok Xing

Student, Sarawak, Form 4

我很喜欢用 VSchool Trend 教学因为它很生动,当我遇到不会做的练习还可以查字典。它也可以教导我应该如何做练习如何写作。我今年已经5年纪了,用了 VSchool Trend 后学校老师和补习的老师都称赞我,说我的国语写作进步很多因为以前我的国语写作总是不及格因为很多字都不会所以不知道如何写作。现在有 VSchool Trend 遇到我不明白的字只需要 highlight 就可以知道是什么意思不需要再去翻厚厚的字典,我会继续使用 VSchool Trend 来练习以便获得更好的知识和成绩。

Ng Kai Xuan

Student, Selangor, 五年级(S5)

I really like Kamus Pro's online dictionary for easy searching of meanings. I like that the notes inside are easy to review. I like the picture dictionary to learn new words.

Joelle Oh Jia En

Student, Pulau Pinang, 一年级(S1)

我是Kelvin Sai, 一名高中四的学生。2018年8月26日,妈妈兴奋地对我说:儿子,妈妈知道如何帮你走双轨计划了! 就是用 VSchool Trend! 当我正式使用 VSchool的笔记温习时,发现它完全是一套秘籍,把要点通通以简短又容易明白的方式呈现出来。靠着笔记,我竟然可以掌握我非常抗拒的历史课。里头的 Kamus Pro, 是VSchool Trend 的另一盏明灯,它帮我排忧解难,让我学习得如鱼得水。所以,在此我要感谢我的妈妈,Sherly Sia.谢谢她的用心良苦,觅得如此良药,让我在学习苦海中如获甘霖。谢谢你,妈妈!我更要感谢 VKids Trend,谢谢这么棒的产品,VSchool 让我们这些莘莘学子学习路上不孤单,不抓狂。我爱 VSchool Trend。

Kelvin Sai Wen Zin

Student, Pahang, Form 5

我喜欢这个系统的My Reward,让我有动力去多做练习,因为只要我们上到TOP 20,就会有小奖励了。

Joniece Thian Yun Xuan

Student, Sarawak, 五年级(S5)

I would like to thank VSchool Trend for giving me this opportunity to receive this award. I also want to thank my parents for introducing me to use VSchool Trend. Lastly, I wish that every student will use VSchool Trend to do their revision.

Lee Yong Ler

Student, Penang, Form 2

Online dictionary is my favourite feature in VSchool Trend Learning Program. Kerana memudahkan saya mencari maksud dan ayat yang saya tidak faham pada satu klik sahaja. Saya tidak perlu pergi mencari maksud di Google Translate.

Jordan Ginchang Anak Bruce

Student, Sarawak, Tahun 3

I enjoy how the Kamus Pro dictionary makes it simple to find meaning. The visual dictionary is one of my favourite tools since it allows me to increase my vocabulary.

Ainsleigh Ng Yun Zhen

Student, Pulau Pinang, 二年级(S2)

I find the Math solution steps is very useful, it help to do my Math's exercises step by step. I like the notes which is easy for revision.

Lau Zen Hao

Student, Selangor, Form 2

I enjoy the notes, video learning, and varied exercises. I enjoy doing VSchool exercises with my younger sister, and I occasionally use the VSchool programme to teach my sister.

Andrea Sarah Jalleh

Student, Selangor, 四年级(S4)

VSchool Trend 练习种类繁多,可以很好的给学生温习和练习。 笔记方便教学,练习种类繁多,可以作为评估。 节省准备教材的时间。

Aeron Lau

Teacher, Negeri Sembilan

Using video learning to make it easy for student understand and absorb. Instant marking with motivation words. Immediately can know the students study progress. Good teaching material for me and safe time!

Alicia Teh

Teacher, Negeri Sembilan

Simple, easy and fast learning! Video learning such as favourite VSchool Trend feature because student more focus when I using video teaching. Is able to expand my scope of teaching, help me a lot in a process when I deal with my students at the centre.

Christina Chew Saw Cheng

Teacher, Kedah

Video learning help my student easy to understand and focus on study. Interesting video learning such as good teaching material for teacher. System provided a lot of exercises, especially the instant marking system, save teacher time!

Huan Mooi Lai

Teacher, Kedah

Used VSchool Trend Learning Program for 8 months. VSchool Trend Learning Program helps students to study in the convenient and effective way as it is easily accessible. The video teaching and the provided online dictionary such as favourite features. It is because it saved my time on searchng thge words on Google and the teaching videos help me to clarify the misunderstanding concept too. The ready questions and simplified notes which can be downloaded because it really help to cut down my time on preparing the teaching materials which make my day.

Eric Tang Tien Yong

Teacher, Sarawak

VSchool Trend 网络学习系统让学生更自律,积极向上。 我喜欢VSchool Trend网络学习系统的词典功能,因为很方便。 学习系统减少了老师们的工作量。

Loh Hoay Sun

Teacher, Pulau Pinang

Have been used VSchool Trend Learning Program around 18 months. Student can easy understand and can practice a lot of exercises. My favourite feature is interesting video, which makes it easier for students to understand the key points of the text. Benefit for me is save time and cost.

Jane ng

Teacher, Johor

用了VSchool Trend Learning Program已经有3年了。系统的系统,测验齐全,绝对帮助了我的学生。我最喜欢系统内的完善笔记。学习系统可以给学生有更好的学习,老师的教学也变得更轻松。

Cyndy Kok

Teacher, Pulau Pinang

用了VSchool Trend网络学习系统已有4年。系统内的练习和生动笔记,帮助了中心的学生。我喜欢系统内的自动批阅,这样减轻了老师的负担与时间。学习系统更方便的让学生随时随地地上网学习。

Ooi Kok Wei

Teacher, Penang

Used VSchool Trend Learning Program for 9 months plus, start from February 2021. Program provided a lot of features, student can choose their like method to learn. The favourite feature is textbook exercise. It is provided enough practice questions and from easy to expert. VSchool Trend Learning Program save time and easy to catch student study progress.

Low Ai May

Teacher, Johor

This program helping the children enjoy learning and feel not so boring when come to learning time. I used the suku kata to teach my students and also let them do the activities in the program. It really fun for them. This program come with instance making it. It helps us save a lot of time to at the marking side. It is also come with video learning so my students will not get boring during learning time.

Roselind Loke

Teacher, Pulau Pinang

All the unique features like kamus pro trained my students to learn independantly and slowly improve in doing questions. Instant marking motivates them to continue practice. Audio and video exercise in English Cambridge increase their learning interest and improve in speaking, listening and understanding the language. The native speakers in the audio and video is an additional points to improve students learning level. Most important, as a full time tutor this system helps me during pandemic to transform my traditional way of teaching to online teaching by using a quality online system.

Stephenie Liew

Teacher, Selangor

VSchool Trend Learning Program help to capture student's attention and enhance their learning interest. Continuous using the program will definitely improve their study. The platform format is friendly user and the attractive illustration plus instant marking with 3 languages dictionary are my favourite features. VSchool Trend is an useful teaching aids and save time in sourcing for notes and exercises. Most important, everything needed is all in. Teacher teach happily, student learn happily.

Teacher Anne

Teacher, Selangor

I have been using VSchool since 3 months ago. VSchool is an e-portal which follows the school syllabus and my students can utilize the product to help their studies. The most favourite features that I like is the reading part. System will read the text and it had attracted my students' attention. I can use the VSchool to teach my students and it had saved lots of time to prepare the lessons.

Tutor Huey Yin

Teacher, Pulau Pinang


Vicky Ngieng

Teacher, Sarawak

Used VSchool Trend had been 3 years. My student's reading and answering skills have improved. I like the features of kad imbasan, 视频发音闪卡 which can help students on spelling. I no need to prepare for notes and exercises when teaching. I can proceed teaching immediately and save time.

Shareen Sim

Teacher, Pulau Pinang

About 4 years using VSchool Trend Learning Program, since December 2017. In all subjects, VSchool can been help my students. The favourite feature is notes, very interesting and easy to understand, colourful and have useful to watch with my students. VSchool have a lot of benefits. Easier to teach every subjects, to guide them in writing essays, karangan. Have funs in watching VSchool videos, can search any words from Kamus Pro.

Principal Candy Teoh

Teacher, Pulau Pinang

我使用VSchool Trend Learning Program已经一年了。VSchool Trend Learning Program里面的彩色笔记和练习对我学生很有帮助。VSchool Trend Learning Program里面的CEFR Cambridge里的video exercise and audio exercise是一般他们用课外书做练习时,做不到的。我最喜欢VSchool Trend Learning Program里面的模拟试卷,从中我可以完全掌握学生在进入“模拟考场”的时间、分数和进度。这个VSchool Trend Learning Program让我可以更完善地教学。里面的笔记和练习很完整,而且练习很充足。

Ong Soek Wah

Teacher, Pulau Pinang

使用了VSchool Trend Learning Program大概10个月左右。VSchool Trend Learning Program的笔记和视频教学帮到我的孩子和学生们。我最喜爱VSchool Trend Learning Program里面的笔记,视频教学和数学里面的solution。因为它能够帮助我在教学方面及解答的方程式让我在教学方面可以让学生轻松学习而且容易明白。我这样一位平凡的妈妈也能用VSchool Trend Learning Program来教育自己的孩子和学生,也因为它让我提升了不少知识。

Lim Chooi Lean

Teacher, Pulau Pinang

我使用VSchool Trend Learning Program半年了。VSchool Trend Learning Program在笔记,教学视频,练习和线上字典帮到我的学生轻松学习。我喜欢VSchool Trend Learning Program的重点笔记和教学视频。它的有声效果特别吸引我的学生,让我教学能和学生们互动。VSchool Trend Learning Program让我在备课,和教学时更快速地完成题材。

Kelly Bong

Teacher, Sarawak

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